Visual Design - UNICEF Generation Unlimited 2020 Costa Rica

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Visual Design - UNICEF Youth Challenge 2020 Costa Rica
Visual Design for the campaign Generation Unlimited Costa Rica 2020 in collaboration with UNICEF and PNUD.
An incredible project that, as they describe it "...brings together bright young minds to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing their generation". 

I was very proud to help with the visual style for this years campaign, which was the very first edition of the "Generation Unlimited" campaign in Costa Rica
Here's a brief description from the Generation Unlimited website:

"...Aiming to inspire young people with brilliant ideas, but without the resources to bring them to life, the Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge 2019/20 is taking place in 41 countries worldwide and includes young refugees, those who face daily discrimination due to their ethnicity, their gender or their disability and those who are disadvantaged by poverty.

The Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge 2019/20 is co-hosted globally by four Generation Unlimited partners – UNICEFUNDPPlan International and the World Organization of the Scout Movement, with support from Irish Aid."
An informative poster was created and distributed among the local schools and high schools of the participating areas. Other materials included infographics, banners, t-shirts Social Media assets, PowerPoint templates and other official certificates.
Some of the events had to be modified and moved online due to the current situation in early 2020, luckily the response was very positive regardless of the difficult situation.
As usual all brands and assets belong to their respective owners, I only collaborated with their communication teams to created the visual style for the campaign.

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