Posters and Book Covers 2012 - 2019

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Press Designs 2012 - 2019
Posters, books and other things...
This is just a quick recap of a few posters made in the last couple of years, the last 3 ones are part of another set that had some automatic drawing and other more artsy ideas. The first 3 ones all belong to each one of those organizations, UCR, UNICEF and CEEC.
The next ones are more in line with graphic drawing experiments that are part of my personal design process, which sometimes result in interesting visuals of its own.
Cardboard + markers, 24” x 36”, glossy doodles, photographed and edited digitally, these mockups are now vectors, the original paper must be somewhere.
Back in 2012 in made a calendar for myself based on some of the set of drawings that came from the same visual explorations as the posters above, for an experiment it worked rather well, it had spaces in the back to make notes and very colorful monthly themes.
And finally to wrap it up, book covers, since 2015 I've helped my friend the Psychologist César Rodriguez with the design of a book directed to high schools and adolescents, it's a textbook basically, that I also design on the inside, but the cover sequence is more interesting and shows a lot exploration and different approaches to the problem. In order from 2014 to 2020.
2014 (Qgain connected to the style from the previous visuals, scanned and recolored digitally)
2015 (Watercolors and some digital retouching, not my favorite but a valid solution at the time)
2016 (Pen and paper, inked manually and scanned in sections, later colored in Photoshop, sky texture from acrylics)
2017 (Similar process to 2016 with more digital tweaks.
2018 (This one is the last one with the long manual to digital process, big color texture is from a watercolor section that was later zoomed into, some quick masking and blending color options. No new book on 2018, just a small update with the same cover)
2020 (New take, all digital, background meant as a road toward better understand oneself through psychology, or that was the idea anyway.
As usual all branding belongs to each organization, I got the PSD files for the mockups from the lovely Mike Delsing here: and from the nice people at GraphicTwister here:

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